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With over 10 years experience in wireless networking, serving a diverse client base including Councils, Universities, Community projects & Internet Providers you can have the confidence to move forward with us


Advances in Wireless Technology are bringing benefits to an ever wider range of organizations and applications such as wireless hot spots and surveillance are now viable in terms of cost and infrastructure even on a small budget.

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The future is Networked


The future is Wireless



End User
Antenna Types

Remote Observation


Voice Over I.P.

Secure High Bandwidth Connection >50MBS which allows sites to share Internet access, support V.O.I.P. & Live Video Feed

Our Typical Client would be on an Ind.Estate, Hospital, Airport, Dockland Sports Arena or Teleworking

Providing temporary/permanent link for the Emergency Services or a Convention/Festival

Link an Island to the mainland and provide wireless Phone/Internet Service to the inhabitants. Provide discrete Observation of wildlife.

Flat panel

Wi Fi

Parabolic dish

Wireless Office

Typical User would be an ISP Provider, University Campus, Security Control Center or Wireless Internet Cafe.

In dense urban areas a Mesh array can be used to increase bandwidth and overcome interference,pictured above is a Star array.

Panel Array

A Wireless Network also gives your organization full control over security & access

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