One Eye On The Future

Team Black Swan are also researching the possibility of using rocket power that could see MACH 1 on water - initially using pilot'less drones while an EEV (emergency escape vehicle) is being develop for the pilot. Updates on this research will be made available this site at a later date.

Spirit of Australia current world record holder 317.6 mph Jet Powered  
UK Record Holder 276 mph DEC 1964 Bluebird K7 Donald Campbell Jet Powered

Thrust SSC Supersonic Car built by a British Team and Current World Land Speed Record Holder at 766 mph !

  Follow The Leader

Piston Engine and Jet Turbine driven propeller craft development lead the way for electric craft and much of the hard work is already done.

There are two reasons why Electric Vehicles lag behind in speed and performance

1) The energy density of liquid fuels is much higher than batteries

2) The fast rate at which liquid fuel can be converted to usable power, the burning of fuel is basically a controlled explosion.

This leaves us with a vehicle that has a much lower power to weight ratio.

Capacitors can discharge in millisecond's but its not clear how one could construct an electric motor that could handle 1000s of amps and 1000 of volts at the same time

1 Horsepower is approx. 700 watts and watts=volts x amps

Thrust SCC puts out 100,000 horsepower or 70 million watts !

80,000 volts @ 80,000 amps = nuclear fusion?

Miss Freei World Record Propeller driven boat 221 mph  

Today's Challenge

Team Black Swan are designing a hull capable of 200 mph + this will enable the team to take advantage of new technology as it becomes available and maintain a clear advantage over rival teams this will help ensure the electric record stays in British hands for many years to come.

Cloud Electric is an American team that hold the Electric World Record at 69 mph  


Aussie Spirit a new boat by Ken Warby will try to break the current outright water speed record of 317.6 mph set in 1978 by himself in Spirit of Australia  
An American team are also chasing the World Record  
UK Challengers for the World Record Quick Silver lead by Nigel Macknight  
UK Electric Challenger Lightning Strike lead by Malcolm Pittwood